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AQUAMETER ECO description

AQUAMETER measures the soil moisture capillary potential – the soil water tension -Ps (the potential of pore water, the pressure of liquid phase of soil).

The potential of soil moisture is a direct energy indicator which determines state, balance, and movement conditions of moisture in the system "soil, plant, the lowest atmospheric layer" as well as its availability for plants.The AQUAMETER measures energy that the roots must exert to extract water from the soil for nutrition.

This is a direct measurement of how difficult the root system has to work to extract soil water.The pressure is the equivalent of soil moisture potential. The unit of measurement is kilopascal (kPa) or bar (bar).The maximal amount of moisture in soil at its full saturation corresponds to the maximal value of soil water tension Ps=0. The soil water tension decreases (Ps<0) with the decrease of soil moisture content.

Understanding of soil moisture activity helps the user make more substantiated irrigation scheduling decisions resulting in improved yield and quality, in promoting the health of plants while reducing water, fertilizer, labor and energy costs.

AQUAMETERS Model T are designed for general use with row, tree and field crops enabling manual measurement and tracking of soil moisture status for most soil types. The AQUAMETER is available in standard working lengths of 8, 16, 24, 32 & 40 inches (20, 40, 60, 80 & 100 cm).

Using of tensiometers is highly important for the formation of an optimum irrigation mode for agricultural crops. This is the mechanism of increasing productivity of crops and, as a result, obtaining big income.

When equipped with optional electronic output and data logging equipment, measurement and tracking can be done automatically. The standard vacuum gauge on this model can be replaced with electronic measurement options, or automatic switching devices which can activate peripheral equipment at desired soil water tension levels.

  • 1. Reliable Cap - prevents dust and foreign objects from entering
  • 2. Ball Crane for refilling device with deaerated distilled water - easy servicing. Provides instantaneously a positive leak-proof seal with a twist of the wrist.
  • 3. Security Seal - quality warranty from Aquatec.Aquatec uses UV-resistant, durable materials for long-term field studies. Seals and screw connectors are watertight according to IP 68.
  • 4. High Accuracy Hermetically Sealed Mechanical Vacuum Gauge for all AQUAMETERS. Hermetically sealed gauge gives accurate readings and designed for harsh enviroments Mechanical Gauges of AQUAMETER PRO tensiometers are additionally ensured by a protective rubber cover for long service life. 0-100 cb (kPa) range gauge. The сolor scale of gauge = fast accurate reading.
  • 5. AQUAMETER ECO Body is constructed of rigid durable PP plastic. AQUAMETER PRO Body is constructed of rigid durable UV-resistant PVC plastic for long-term field studies. The tensiometer body is, in fact, a water chamber of the device.
  • 6. The Highly-Responsive Microporous Ceramic Tip is necessary porous to react faster to changing soil conditions. Fixed ceramic tip to plastic - connections are permanently leak proof

The microporous ceramic tip that can be used for the majority of soil types, is made from high quality inert materials. Its reliability is assured by the quality management system of Aquatec Company.

Ceramic tip length is 5 cm for AQUAMETER ECO and 10 cm for AQUAMETER PRO, diameter - 18 mm.

AQUAMETER body tube diameter is 20 mm.High accuracy mechanical hermetically sealed vacuum gauge is a vacuum pressure gauge of accuracy class ±1,6 % FS. Bourdon tube vacuum gauge is commonly used for water potential measurements. The diameter of vacuum meter's case is 63 mm; M12x1,5 or G1/4" fitting screw-thread is used; unit of measurement is kPa or bar. Originally the vacuum meter can work in the range from 0 to -100 kPa (from 0 to -1,0 bar). The scale division is 1 kPa (0,01 bar).The range of working pressure in which AQUAMETERS operate is only from 0 to 80 kPa (cb).

AQUAMETERS are marked the following way: T08 are tensiometers with working depth of installation equal to 8 inches (20 cm) - standard length - the distance from the soil surface to the middle of ceramic tip; T16 are tensiometers with working depth of installation equal to 16 inches (40 cm).

The recommended pressure interval of the tensiometer is from 0 to -75 ... -80 kPa (from 0 to -0,75 ... -0,80 bar). Operation of the tensiometer at the values greater than -80 kPa (-0,8 bar) can lead to damage (deformation) of the vacuum gauge mechanism. Limited movement of the arrow of the vacuum gauge or the conditional displacement of the "0" mark may indicate such a deformation.

Overall dimensions of the device are as follows: the width for all tensiometers is 16 cm, the T08 length is 40 cm, T16 length – 60 сm.The mark is placed on the tensiometer. The serial No. is placed on the Security Seal - quality warranty of the Aquatec Company.